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  • One comprehensive name-search report
  • Trademark lawyer reviews your report
  • Trademark lawyer prepares and files your application
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  • Two comprehensive name-search reports
  • Trademark lawyer reviews both name-search reports to help you decide which name to choose before we file your application
  • Trademark lawyer prepares and files your application for your chosen mark
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* plus government filing fee of $250 and applicable taxes

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Larry Markowitz

Lawyer & President, Redpath Holdings (Montreal)

"A start-up's resources are limited. The last thing a busy entrepreneur wants is to get lost in the details of a trademark registration process or to be stuck with never-ending legal bills. Umark addresses these concerns. It's an easy-to-use cost-effective tool that helps creative entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property. I highly recommend it! "

Jake Hirsch-Allen

Founder & Partner, Lighthouse Labs (Vancouver)

"Umark was fast and easy to use and instilled confidence in the process of registering a trademark. We'll definitely use it again."

Sarena Miller

Founder WE2 (Montreal)

"Securing my own trademark was a lot easier than I imagined with UMARK. The site is incredibly intuitive and super-easy to navigate. Clear, simple...all it took was a few simple steps and it was done! I am very impressed and I will definitely be returning and happily recommend UMARK to others"

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