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Filing for a Canadian trademark is now easy and affordable

Umark's process

  • Free Canadian Trademark Search On Umark

    Use Umark’s advanced free search tool for the official Canadian trademark database to help you choose the right name.

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  • Fill out the Umark form

    Complete our simple online application form so that we have all the information needed to file.

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  • Comprehensive Report & Review

    Umark will produce an industry-leading comprehensive name-search report to help our trademark lawyer file your application.

    This important search uses special algorithms to find similar looking or similar sounding marks in additional to exact matches, amongst trademarks, common law sources and business registries.

  • Process your application

    Your trademark application is carefully prepared by our trademark lawyer in a manner that helps avoid common objections raised by the Trademark Office. Our lawyer then files your application.

  • End-to-End Services

    Optionally*, you may appoint our lawyer to help move your application through to registration and docket your trademark for future requirements.

    * Additional fee of only $500 applies


Brands are incredibly important, which is why protecting them is critical. At Umark, we understand that choosing the right mark is an important decision, and often our clients find themselves torn between two names.

That’s why we created UCHOOSE to help you through this process at one low cost; providing two separate comprehensive name-search reports with our lawyer review, resulting in just one application to file.

We’ll save you time, money and untold headaches!

“A comparable level of service at any notable Canadian Law Firm can cost you as much as three times the price of Umark!”
Daniel Gervais, lawyer (Waterloo, Ontario)

What makes Umark different?

  • MOST Powerful, FREE Canadian Trademark Search Tool

    Only Umark provides the most powerful, FREE Canadian trademark search tool that you can use time and again to test your naming ideas, and to check whether your trademark might be confused with someone else’s.
  • Comprehensive Search Report is included!

    Others recomend it at an extra cost, but only Umark includes an industry-leading comprehensive trademark name-search that our lawyer uses to vet your mark against relevant trademark and common law sources, to avoid the unauthorized use of a trademark (infringement) and potential lawsuits.

    In-house technology and no middle-man mark-up means significant savings are passed on to you!
  • UCHOOSE option - if you're torn between 2 names

    Only Umark offers you UCHOOSE - to help you decide between two potential names without having to pay double. Instead of having to file 2 seperate applications, we will order 2 different comprehensive search reports for our lawyer to review. He then recommends the one more likely to be accepted by the Trademark Office. The result = cost savings plus only one application to file.
  • End-to-End Services for just $500

    Not comfortable responding to the examiner's questions and managing your trademark application? For an additional one-time fee of $500, Umark offers the option to have its trademark lawyer manage the entire process for you, all the way to registration*

Do the math and you will understand why Umark is so compelling.
Exceptional technology. Exceptional service. Exceptional value.

* up to 4 official responses to the examiner, managing all correspondences with CIPO on your behalf, communicating any oppositions and notices of allowance to you, filing your declaration of use, and docketing your application for important future renewal dates.

Umark Guarantee

Although we have gone to great lengths to make the process of filing a Canadian trademark as easy as possible, there can be real obstacles to overcome if your mark is too confusingly similar to other marks, based upon a variety of factors. Sometimes, the best course of action is to reconsider or modify your proposed trademark. So we offer a guarantee that makes this scenario less problematic.

If, after review of your application by our lawyer, you decide not to proceed with your trademark filing Umark will credit you the Government filing fee and even offer you an additional rebate on your next application filed within 30-days. You win again!

  • For our LET'S GO package the rebate is $100
  • For our UCHOOSE package the rebate is $150

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